SCORE88POKER – How to Win Online Poker

score88poker – How to Win Online Poker. Contrary to popular belief, poker is probably the most played game in the world today. This may surprise you to know, but even the most popular sports such as football, basketball or cricket do not come close to the popularity of poker among the masses. The reasons are that it is an indoor game, requiring no professional training and can be played between different age groups.

Today, almost all households have poker cards and poker chips, and apart from maybe babies and small children, every family member is very interested in the game. People like to play with family and friends, in meetings and occasions. Some do not even care about strangers. Speaking of me, there was a moment when hearing about poker seemed to be a “game of chance” in my mind, and I would give up the idea of playing it immediately. But this is not the case now.


It all happened in 2003 when an average person won the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and became a millionaire overnight. Then he left his day job and became a full-time professional poker player. The news was excellent and was to spread around the world. Television was a source that helped speed up the process.

Here are some tips for making money by playing online poker on

1) Play tight-aggressive

Do not try to play with all hands, know how to throw a lot of hands. When you play, play aggressive poker. This means not allowing your opponents to pursue or get free cards. It is always better to earn a little each time than to lose everything for a single mistake.

2) Play according to your position

This is an important rule of thumb in poker. Always know who’s playing before you, who’s talking after you.Also, know how to get up with big hands from the starting position and try to ‘steal’ the pot from time to time. Know that the last minute position means that you speak after all the other players, so you have the advantage of knowing what you have or running on the board.

3) Play your bankroll limits

You are not yet a professional, so earning money will take some time. It’s better than losing everything in a bad bet. Do not keep the cards when it costs you too much and play according to your bankroll. Be aware that this is the amount you “want” to lose if you catch a bad day of poker, or you get bad shots, and it’s okay. Over time, you will earn more and play for more.